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  Cincinnati Knife Systems is in a position to supply all types of sheeter, cut-off, stop cutter, roll splitter, corrugator cut-off, and pulp cutter knives for all makes of equipment.  


Cincinnati Knife Systems offers four different grades of tool steels, designed to fit our customers’ specific needs.

CKS-I is a STANDARD CARBON ALLOY TOOL STEEL often supplied by the original equipment builder.
CKS-III is a HIGH CARBON, HIGH CHROME ALLOY TOOL STEEL (HCHC), which is zone or through hardened. This quality blade will out perform that of any standard carbon grade tool steel by as much as two and one half to three times increased performance.
CKS-IV is a SOLID OR INLAID HIGH SPEED STEEL quality designed to give increased wear resistance over and above that of our CKS-III by as much as two times. This HSS provides increased blade life over and above the standard carbon alloy blades by as much as five times the performance. For today’s high-speed cut-off or sheeting requirements, it is recommended to utilize the high performing CKS-IV grade tool steel, thus minimizing your "down time" and enhancing the productivity of your equipment.
CKS-VII is an INLAID TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED blade engineered to give as much as ten times increased blade life between sharpening over and above that of our CKS-I standard carbon tool steel grade. This high performance grade must be used under the most optimum cutting conditions when the user is looking for the ultimate blade life.
Inventories of finished knives and semi-finished hardened, tempered, and ground knife blanks place us in a position to make FROM STOCK DELIVERIES on standard blades, as well as rapid deliveries on specials.
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