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  Straight and circular metalworking machine knives used for all shearing applications. Custom tooling made for all makes of equipment, including Cincinnati, American Hercules, Lodge & Shipley, Pacific, HTC, Her-Voss, Betenbender, Cleveland Crane, Dreis & Krump, Di-Acro, Edwards, Famco, Henry, Niagara, Pacific, Pearson, Pexto, Promecam, Pullmax, Summit, Wysong & Miles, and others.    

Cincinnati Knife Systems Company Inc. offers four distinctly different grades of alloy tool steels, designed for different shearing applications:

CKS-I is a STANDARD CARBON alloy tool steel, usually used in a manufacturing of shear blades for shearing equipment used in maintenance-type shearing, where life is not a major concern.
CKS-II is a MID-RANGE ALLOY tool steel, which provides the highest degree of toughness, recommended for shearing of mid steel 3/8" and heavier. The durable "shock resistant" material has increased wearablility over and above that of our CKS-I. When shearing stainless steel, it is recommended that you shear no more than 50% of the machines rated cutting capacity.
CKS-III is a true INLAID CARBON HIGH CHROME alloy tool steel containing sufficient amounts of chromium to provide excellent wear resistance on lighter gauge shearing. This water-resistant tool steel is designed for shearing no more than 3/8" thick mild steel on hydraulic shears. When using this grade on mechanically controlled shears, the maximum shearing capacity is no more than ¼" thick mild steel. When shearing stainless steel, it is recommended that you shear no more than 50% of the machine’s rated cutting capacity.
CKS-IV is a true A.I.S.I. M-2 HIGH SPEED STEEL (HSS), usually used in the manufacturing of single edge shear blades, when the customer requires maximum blade life between sharpening under light capacity shearing conditions. This tool steel contains large percentages of molybdenum, which increases wear resistance, thereby maximizing the number of cuts between sharpening.
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