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  Serrated or toothed cut-off knives are supplied by Cincinnati Knife Outlet for both straight and circular machine knife applications. A variety of tooth forms are available, including "rip" tooth and "vee" tooth styles. Either tooth style can be beveled on one side or both to provide you with the best cutting results.    

Cincinnati Knife Outlet supplies different grades of tool steels for its saw toothed cut-off knives.

CKO-I is a STANDARD CARBON SPRING STEEL grade usually supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. This grade provides the ductility required insuring minimal tooth failure under abusive cutting conditions where shock and impact against the blade may cause broken teeth.
CKO-III is a HIGH CARBON, HIGH CHROME (HCHC) ALLOY TOOL STEEL providing increased wear resistance by as much as three to five times that of our CKS-I grade. This is due to the increased amount of alloying agents in the tool steel, as well as increased hardness. These two major factors give us a blade that is capable of providing increased wear resistance over and above the CKS-I grade. If tooth breakage is a problem for your particular cutting application, use the tougher CKS-I grade.
CKO-IV is a HIGH PERFORMANCE grade providing yet greater wear resistance over and above our CKS-III grade. This blade will increase your "running time" by as much as eight to ten times that of our CKS-I standard carbon spring steel grade. Once again, we wish to point out that this steel has increased wear resistance with reduced impact resistant characteristics.
Our standard blades are available with FROM STOCK DELIVERIES, ready for immediate shipment. For custom designed blades, feel free to send drawings or sample blades indicating the name of the original equipment manufacturer and if possible, their part number, as well as quantities you would use over several months period of time, so that we can make a prompt quotation.
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