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Cincinnati Knife Outlet's Pneumatic Knife holders can be installed in your existing holders without replacing your entire cutting system...
With Cincinnati Knife, you can start with new holders, add to your system as needed, and change as your requirements change. We can design holder attachments (dovetail or shaft-type) to fit any of your systems.
  CKO Versatility

More than 135 variations; three sizes (small, medium, and large); different size and type of blades, including score, shear, variety of holder attachments; shaft lengths (vertical and horizontal); power driven top shear knife holders; interchangeable holders for crush and shear cut.

CKO Precision Cutting

The pneumatic holders’ spline shaft system eliminates vibration.

CKO Flexibility

Standard fixing to dovetail; self locking break pad; rack and pinion (ratchet) positioning with custom dovetail and mounted ruler.
  CKO Systems

The Aurora modular system offers the ultimate where a complete system is required, either manual or numerically controlled positioning of both top and bottom knives. The Aurora system’s shaft, with 8 keys around its circumference, offers the ultimate in stability allowing the use of carbide top and bottom knives.
  CKO's "LISA"

CKO’s "Lisa" ˝" wide knife holder is versatile, offering knives and housings for score, shear, razor cutting, hot cut slitting, as well as micro and standard perforating, pinking and scallop cutting, and zip strip.

"Lisa" features an option, CKO’s exclusive Glide Bearing: A ball bearing within the holder that permits fast, smooth re-positioning on the dovetail – even for fractional charges.
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