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Circular Slitters for Shear Cutting with Cincinnati Knife Outlet's
U-Cut "Mirror- Finish"

Cincinnati Knife supplies, from stock, a full line of knives and accessories for the converting industry.


The smoother 4 micro-inch finish produces a clean cut with less adhesion and that means reduced chances of build-up. The clean cut reduces or eliminates the dusting problem, and because the "mirror finish" knife tends to hone itself during operation, it lasts longer as it works better. Top knives plain or bayonet bore are held firmly in place with spring-loaded or pneumatic holders.


» Material Quality Offered in 52100, D-2, M-4, Stellite and Carbide.
» Locking Methods Available in Eccentric, Set-Screw, Multi-lock (360 Holding), or Century-Powered (Ball Bearing type).
» Sharpening services available. Contact us for the names and locations of our grinding distributors.

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